Precision Waterjet Ltd

Islington, Christchurch. New Zealand.

We specialise in prototyping, R&D and short run projects – we work with you as well as for you.  With a fast turn-around, Small jobs have been done same day!  We can provide products that in most cases will not need any secondary processing.

We use a 5-axis machine. We cut engine & head gaskets, gears, sprockets, brackets, gussets, and flanges in nearly all materials.
In many cases, if you have a drawing, we can cut next day.
No drawing, no problem, we will draw it for you.  

Unit 2/1 Doric Way. Waterloo Business Park. Christchurch 8042
Phone: 03 900 1508
alan @ for Trailers and visit our other website if you are interested in Electric car conversions. 
Send emails to Meisha @ for waterjet cutting 


The latest in WaterJet Technology.

Advanced CNC

Cutting bed size is 1300x2400. Z axis is 120mm.
When coupled with a motion control system, waterjet cutting provides extremely accurate cuts with a high degree of repeatability over a wide range of materials and shapes.

Precision cutting that reduces secondary machining

The waterjet replaces commonly used machining applications such as laser or plasma, eliminating heat affected zones (HAZ) which minimises distortion and associated problems.
Accuracy to 0.1mm with a kerf (Cut width)  of 1.0mm.

Common materials we cut & industries we serve

 Send us your drawings

Send us a drawing, CAD file, DXF, or a sketch with dimensions & material you want to use. We will get right back to you with some bright ideas.

 Materials we can cut

Pre-hardened steel
Mild steel
304 stainless steel
Some glass, (not toughened)
Carbon fibre and Kevlar


 Turnaround time

 in most cases for a simple 2D prototype we can have something delivered to you within 24 hours.  If you don't have a drawing allow another day.

 Industries we serve

Landscape designers
Sign makers
Automotive industry
Kitchen designers
Monumental Masons
Marine industry
Machinery designers
Tinkerers and hobbyists
Surgeons :-)

 Fabrication & Welding Services

We offer light engineering services.

Lathe work. Milling, TIG and MIG welding.
We can supply steel and non ferrious metals cut to order or processed on the Waterjet.

Artist and fabricators catered for. We will help you design and construct to pre-assembly or help you complete a job onsite or in our workshop, 

Airbag Ground loading Trailers

Airbag ground loading trailers, designed and built to your requirements capable of carrying loads up to 2.5 tons


Precision Waterjet Ltd
Unit 2/1 Doric Way
Waterloo Business Park
Christchurch 8042 


Office:   03 900 1508 

Normal business hours are Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5:30 PM.

However, if you need to drop off, pick up or want to talk to us after hours we are willing to hang around.

Just give us a call to arrange the day and time

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