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Why Choose Us

Below are samples of some of the work we do. The chances are that we can cut anything that will fit on the 2400mm x 1400mm deck. We can also handle large sheets up to 8m long in most materials.
We can cut material as thin as 0.5mm shim and up to 250mm hard steel. If your product is deeper we can lower it into the water tank and cut a shape in one end, for example we have recenty cut a hole in the bottom of an aluminium dive tank for welded fittings by lowering it inverted into the cutting tank.


Very fast job turnaround

We deliberetly keep time free each week for tradies emergency work. We understand that sometimes you just need a job done today, or as soon as possible and if you have a sample or a drawing, the chances are we can get it done for you.


We are competatively priced

We are not going to gouge you just becasue it's a one off, 500 pieces or urgent. It's the same service and the same cost with the same support no matter how big or how small the job. Tell us how much you need to pay and we will try to make it work for you.


We are trusted

We have been in Canterbury for over 20 years in one form or another. We are known and trusted and can supply credible referances. Our staff have a wide range of experiance in manufacturing, development and engineering. Ask a question, advice is free.