Ground loading Air Bagged Trailers

Custom designed and built to your specific needs.
Hot dipped galvanised chassis; Painted Axel carriers; Firestone Airbags; Onboard 12V battery pack, compressor, Electric brakes;
Options: Air tank for faster lift; GPS tracking; Stone guard; Tyre Rack;  Mag or steel wheels; LED night working and loading lights. 

What we need to know in order to send you a firm quote

Here is your chance to design a ground loading trailer custom built to you specific needs.
Your start price is $13,500, generally speaking a trailer with all the goodies will not exceed $18,600



How long is your maximum load,
Deck width required.  (The maximum width for a light simple trailer (including its load) is 2.55 metres (excluding side marker lights and direction indicators and the bulge towards the bottom of the tyre))
Type of tie downs; track, full length tube, individual loops
Deck type;  truck deck non slip full width, steel or aluminium tread plate full or part width, Steel or aluminium flat plate full or part width
Mag wheel or 4mm truck steel wheels for those extra heavy loads and harsh environments.
Winch with left and right snatch blocks or centre mounted

Here is a link to the NZTE light trailer specifications for New Zealand 


Project Planning

When do you need your new trailer?  From receipt of your oder and 25% deposit allow 6 weeks We will send you a start date and a progress report at each major build step which gives you the opportunity to change the finished specification if possible.


Delivery and Warranty

You can pick up from our workshop in Islington in Christchurch or we can arrange nation wide delivery.
Your new Precision low loader is guaranteed for life! Yes we back it for as long as the earth rotates. The normal warranty terms offered, we do not cover consumables and normal wear and tear such as battery, lights or tyres, you mush keep it maintained and grease the wheel bearings etc. But if it breaks, or bends or tow sideways down the road, we will fix it.  

Get a Quote for a custom built Air-bagged Trailer

Send this form off and we will get back to you in a few days with an estimate of cost and delivery date. If you want to come and see a trailer, give us a call.

Send an email or call us;


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